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SYSE Oy is providing Systems Engineering consulting and training services. Our competence areas are Systems Engineering processes (ISO 15288), Requirements Engineering, Verification & Validation, Configuration Management and System Life-cycle Management.

Our experience includes acquisition and delivery projects of complex systems, life-cycle management of such systems and Systems Engineering and Configuration Management process development.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us. SYSE Oy is more than happy to find out if there is something we can do to help you and your organisation.

Examples of our services:

Systems Engineering Life-cycle Process Development

SYSE Oy can be your partner in developing the Management System of your organisation based on Systems Engineering Life-cycle Processes. Standard ISO 15288 can be applied either in the Management System level effecting all projects of the organisation, or SYSE Oy can help you to create a Systems Engineering Management Plan with a tailored set of processes for a particular project with specific requirements.

Requirements Engineering Consulting

SYSE Oy can be your partner in developing Requirements Engineering processes and tools. If needed the procedures can be tailored for a particular project.

Configuration Management Consulting

SYSE Oy can be your partner in developing the Configuration Management of your organisation to comply with requirements in AQAP 2110 or ISO 10007. Sometimes full or partial compliance to ACMP 1-7 stardards can be required by your Customer. SYSE Oy can help to create a Configuration Management Plan (CMP) for a project for example if it is needed to be included as part of the offer documentation.

Change Control Process and Tools Consulting

Change Control is quite often the Configuration Management activity that takes most of the working hours. However, without effective Change Control there is a high risk that some of the approved changes will not be included in the end product before it is delivered to Customer.

SYSE Oy can be your partner in developing the Change Control Process and tools, e.g. Engineering Change Proposal (ECP) and Configuration Control Board (CCB) procedures.

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